This is a circular route along the largest lake of the Netherland, the ‘IJsselmeer’. The tour starts along a small river in the direction of Amsterdam from where you will soon join the shores of the IJsselmeer Read more


This route passes impressive water works which protect the country against floods.This is the only route which is not a circular one but a route which starts and finishes in different places. Read more


Very diverse landscape with woods, moors, polders and river landscape. Along the way you will pass historic towns like Arnhem, famous for the operation “Market garden” during WWII.
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You will be surprised to notice the diversity of the Dutch river landscape. Highlights include the towns of Gouda and Dordrecht, the mills of Kinderdijk and the castle Loevestein.
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februari 3, 2013

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Dutch Activity Tours offers individual cycling tours in the Netherlands (Holland). We have 4 standardized routes of around 300 km which can be cycled in …

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